Our Team

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Medical Services

OUR Team

  • Doctors
    • Dr Shahnam Ajdari
    • Dr James Aitken
    • Dr Herath Jayawardena
    • Dr Boanerges Relativo
    • Dr Danforn Lim
  • Doctors
    • Dr Victor Arunendran
    • Dr Negar Mahvashi
    • Dr Shin Yee Ng
    • Dr Dilani Balendran

  • Allied Health Specialists
    • Ugur Husnu (Dietician)
    • Emma Clarke (Chiropractor)
    • Dr Payam Poursoltan (Dentist)
    • Dr Reza Pishyar (Psychologist)
    • Maria Arnaiz (Speech Pathologist)
    • Mazma Hossain (Allergy Testing)
  • Nursing Staff
    • Nasim Jaberi
    • Shadi Karimian
    • Benan Shadid(EN)
  • Medlab Collection Centre
    • Benan Shadid
    • Monique Schweiger

  • Reception Staff
    • Yavi Menendez
    • Almera Waes
    • Ashwini Perera
    • Melis Aktas
    • Holly Passam
    • Alin Charles
    • Nivea Badhi


Our practice is a bulk billing practice. (Patients without a Medicare card will have to pay a fee. Please see the receptionist on duty for further information.).


We have an appointment system or you can be seen without an appointment just by dropping in. Urgent cases will be seen first and appointments do take priority. For longer consults, please let the receptionist know if you would like to book an extended appointment. Eg. For a pap smear, mole removal or skin check.

Reminder System

Our practice is committed to preventative care. You have the option of registering to receive reminder notices regarding health care services appropriate to your care.

After hours care and home visits

If you need to contact a doctor when the surgery is closed, please call Sydney Medical Service Cooperative on 87246300. If it is an emergency, call an ambulance on 000 (triple zero).